Rob Squires

Born: April 27, 1965

South African guitarist/vocalist Hank Squires (b. Henry Smittsdorf) played with South African bands The Silhouettes, The Giants and The Hellions during the late '50s and early '60s before joining Mickie Most & The Playboys in 1960. The band enjoyed three years of success and eleven consecutive hits before Most returned to England and found fame as a record producer. Squires then worked with a host of local groups and recorded with The Furies and Johnny Kongos and The G-Men, before founding the R&B band The A-Cads in Johannesburg in October 1965.

Besides his recordings with The A-Cads, Squires made three solo singles: 'I've Been Around/Steel Street'' and 'Ever Since We Said Goodbye/Don't Come Knocking' in 1965, and 'Stand By Me/Heartbeat' in 1966. He also issued a solo album entitled 'Strange Effect' and an EP that was subsequently shelved. After visiting England briefly in the summer of 1966, he moved to Montreal, Canada, reuniting with former A-Cads member Louis McKelvey, with the intention of pursuing a career as a producer. A final South African single taken from the album, 'Strange Effect/It Only Took A Minute' was issued in 1967 following Squires move to Canada.

Soon after arriving, an eponymous solo album was issued on RCA Victor, although this may well be a Canadian release of the 'Strange Effect' record. Squires did make the occasional solo appearance throughout the late '60s, but maintained a greater profile as a producer working with The Haunted and with Louis McKelvey's groups Our Generation and Marble Hall. He also produced Brian Redmond's 'Imagine' (not the John Lennon song, but written by Martin Martin), which was released in April 1972. He was last heard of running a pub in Montreal.

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Instruments Played / Skills:
Bass Guitar

Hard Rock

Bands That Rob Squires Has Played For:
Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Rob Squires Has Worked With:
Todd Park Mohr Brian Nevin
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