Bon Scott

Born: July 9, 1946
Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland
Died: February 19, 1980

Bon Scott was born into a musical family in Kirriemuir, Scotland. He spent his earliest years there, watching his father play the drums in a pipe band. When Bon turned six, however, his family moved to Australia, where they lived in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine, bet eventually transplanted to Fremantle. Bon became known in school for his musical ability. He was always enthralled in an instrument, whether it be the recorder, or the piano, or the drums. He began to write music at an early age, and performed in public when the opportunity presented itself.

As Bon aged, his mischievous side began to appear. He had a problem with rules, and this resulted with his dropping out of school at the young age of 15. He went to work driving a tractor, however, and made his living through a series of odd jobs after that. He began playing with a band called the Spectors, and switched to the Valentines in 1967. The Valentines had a top 5 hit with “Every Day I Have to Cry,” and the band relocated to Melbourne to reach a bigger audience. After releasing a few singles, the band broke up officially in 1970, leaving Bon without work and looking for a new gig. An answer presented itself with Bruce Howe invited Bon to join his blues-based rock band called Fraternity. They produced two albums after moving to Sydney, and toured Europe in 1971. (Coincidentally, while on tour in Europe, Fraternity opened up for a band called Geordie, which was fronted by Brian Johnson.) After minimal success in the U.K., Fraternity returned home. Upon arrival, however, Bon was in a motorcycle accident, and left in a coma for half a week. After he awoke, he was required to stay in the hospital for four months. Fraternity understandably looked for another drummer and singer to take his place.

When Bon recovered, he rejoined the work force. He began working odd jobs again, until he was asked to drive for a new band called AC/DC. After driving the band for some time, Bon mentioned to them that he could play the drums as well as sing. Eventually, the opportunity presented itself for Bon to sing, when lead singer Dave Evans neglected to report for a gig. Bon blew the doors off the rest of the band, and they hired him for good after that.

Bon gave AC/DC the hard-edged reputation that still drives the band. His record with the law and quirky nature turned into an asset for AC/DC. His persona on stage was not too different from his off-stage personality, and he loved to be in the limelight. Unfortunately, Bon Scott died on February 19, 1980, from asphyxiation. In the coroner’s words, Bon Scott had “drunk himself to death.” His loss was felt throughout the rock and roll world, and he is still remembered with fondness by the members of AC/DC, as well as rock fans everywhere.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Heavy Metal

Bands That Bon Scott Has Played For:
AC/DC (1974-1980)

Bon Scott Has Worked With:
Angus Young Malcolm Young Mark Evans Cliff Williams Phillip Rudd

Artists That Were Influenced By Bon Scott:
Udo Dirkschneider

Bon Scott's Discography:
Early Years 1967-72
Release Date: April 16, 1996
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"He's Satan. I swear to God, man, I don't know much about Mick. I don't think anybody does."

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