Jack Blades

Born: April 24, 1956

In 1971-72, Jack played rhythm guitar in our band in high school. We were called Pegasus. Jack attended high school in Palm Desert (may have been Indio, I don't remember) and the rest of us were from Palm Springs High School. The band consisted of: Stuart Roberts- organ & lead vocals, John Fusilier/Nick Mutascio- lead guitar, Terry Rather- bass & lead vocals, Jack Blades- rhythm guitar and backup vocals, Chuck ?? (can't remember- too long ago)- drums. We won every battle of the bands we ever played. Great group. -- This cool information was submitted by Terry Rather. Thanks!

Instruments Played / Skills:
Bass Guitar Vocals

Bands That Jack Blades Has Played For:
Damn Yankees Night Ranger

Jack Blades Has Worked With:
Tommy Shaw Ted Nugent Brad Gillis Micheal Cartellone Jeff Watson
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