Lyle Mays

Born: 1953
Wausaukee, WI, USA

He learned to improvise on the piano early in childhood. He attended North Texas State University, played with Woody Herman and got to know Pat Metheny with whom he built the Pat Metheny Group. Although he has his roots in jazz, he has studied classical music extensively. His work is based on piano improvisations, composing and orchestrating synth sounds that he blends together with jazz and classical phrasing to a broad spectrum of contemporary music.

Besides his interests in maths, chess playing and architecture (he designed his sister's house), he reads a lot.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Keyboards Piano Organ Accordion Trumpet Synclavier

Bands That Lyle Mays Has Played For:
Pat Metheny Group

Lyle Mays Has Worked With:
Pat Metheny Steve Rodby Paul Wertico Pedro Aznar Armando Marcal

Lyle Mays Was Influenced By:
Johann Sebastian Bach Claude Debussy Bruno Ravel
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