Tom Scholz

Born: March 10, 1947
Toledo, OH, USA

Tom Scholz is, and always has been, much more than a rock and roll man. He graduated at the head of his class with a degree in engineering from the highly acclaimed MIT. His electronics wizardry allowed him to develop and experiment with different instruments and sound devices, and soon he built a studio in his parent’s basement. Tom recorded the basic tracks to his first album on a Scully 12 track at Poor Farm Recording in Hudson, Massachusetts (now defunct), but, when his home studio was finished, he recorded the tracks onto the 3M 24 track. In the studio, Scholz wrote and produced music, made demo tapes, and mailed them off to record labels. It wasn’t long before Scholz was recognized and began getting calls from A&R people, wanting to make him a deal. Scholz is one of the few people who had a record deal before he actually had a band. Epic Records helped Scholz put together a band of studio musicians and named them Boston. In 1978, they released the multi-platinum self-titled Boston, which sprung many top-ten hits including “Peace of Mind”. Two years later, Boston again hit it big with Don’t Look Back. It is said that Scholz is a severe perfectionist, and he will not hesitate to spend time doing something again and again until it is exactly the way he wants it. Maybe this is the reason for the nine years between his second and third albums, but he almost ended up in court over his late third album, entitled Third Stage. Scholz’s main priority doesn’t lie in his music, however; He owns a company in Boston called Scholz’s Research and Development that develops and patents Scholz’s innovations, including the Rockman Amplifier (as seen in the Xtreme Musician GearGuide). Scholz’s Research and Development is also a large contributor to several charities.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar Songwriter Inventor

Stadium Rock Hard Rock

Bands That Tom Scholz Has Played For:

Tom Scholz Has Worked With:
Brad Delp Fran Sheehan Barry Goudreau Sib Hashian David Sikes Fran Cosmo
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"I swear, if they hadn't tried to ruin me, I never would have ended up being a rapper. I probably would've been a preacher or something."

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