Randy Rhoads

Born: December 6, 1956
Santa Monica, CA, USA
Died: March 19, 1982

Coming from a strong family musical background, Randy Rhoads easily picked up the guitar before he was even 10 years old. A lot of his classical influence came from his mother, who is a music teacher and music shop owner. By the time he was a teenager, though, Rhoads was listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, and his guitar ability was blossoming. One of his many high-school bands was Quiet Riot, a band he formed with Kevin Dubrow. Quiet Riot had a huge following around L.A., and Randy became known as L.A.'s favorite guitar player. They released a couple of albums in Japan, and built a huge following there, and in Europe as well. But, despite the popularity of the band overseas, it failed to do anything substantial in the United States, and Randy grew frustrated with Quiet Riot's management and musical direction. It was Rudy Sarzo, Quiet Riot's bass player, that directed Randy to the Ozzy Osbourne audition. According to both Randy and Ozzy, Randy walked in to the audition, plugged his guitar into his amp, and played a few warm-up scales and such. Ozzy looked at him and said "You've got the job!", and Randy was just blown away. He hadn't even played his audition material yet! After the successful audition, Randy was swept away to London, where they recorded Blizzard of Ozz. With phenomenal record sales as a result of the supporting tour, Randy quickly was gaining a faithful following, with clones popping up all over Europe and the U.S. After a strenuous tour, Randy and Ozzy returned to the studio to produce Diary of a Madman. It was on the supporting tour for this album when Randy Rhoads was killed in an airplane crash as it was buzzing Osbourne's tour bus. It was a great loss for rock and roll, and music in general.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

Guitar Masters Heavy Metal Eighties Metal

Bands That Randy Rhoads Has Played For:
Quiet Riot

Randy Rhoads Has Worked With:
Kevin Dubrow Rudy Sarzo Tommy Aldridge Ozzy Osbourne Bob Daisley Carmine Appice

Randy Rhoads Was Influenced By:
Alice Cooper Gary Moore Eddie Van Halen

Artists That Were Influenced By Randy Rhoads:
Dimebag Darrell Warren DeMartini Joe Holmes Zakk Wylde

Randy Rhoads's Gear:
    White Jackson V guitar (Randy Rhoads had Grover Jackson, president of Charvel Guitars at the time, build this guitar.)
Guitar Techniques used by Randy Rhoads
Toggle Switch Trick
Pick Hammer-Ons
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