Robert Smith

Born: April 21, 1959
Crawley, Essex, England

Robert Smith grew up one of four children in England. While in high school, he joined a garage band, and noticed he had a talent for singing. He could already play rhythm guitar, as well as the harmonica. The band evolved from Malice to Easy Cure to The Cure, and went through many different band members as well. Robert Smith has remained constant, however, and all of the Cure's music has Robert Smith's signature doom and gloom meloncholiness to it. If anything else has been constant in Smith's life, it has been his fanbase. Smith has always had an extremely large underground following, and, while the Cure hasn't put out any commercially successful albums in a long time, Smith still packs them in for every show.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Harmonica Songwriter Vocals

1980's Alternative 1990's Alternative Techno/Dance

Bands That Robert Smith Has Played For:
Cure, The Siouxsie and the Banshees

Robert Smith Has Worked With:
Porl Thompson Siouxsie Sioux Simon Gallup Lol Tolhurst

Robert Smith Was Influenced By:
Johann Sebastian Bach Ludwig van Beethoven David Bowie Kate Bush Kurt Cobain Jimi Hendrix Billie Holiday Elmore James

Artists That Were Influenced By Robert Smith:
Dave Navarro
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"Without music life would be a mistake."

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