Paul McCartney

Born: June 18, 1942
Woolton, Liverpool, England

Paul McCartney was born to Mary and Jim McCartney in Liverpool, England, where they had lived and worked for years. Paul was a smart child, and quickly learned that he had a passion for many different kinds of music. Paul started attending prep school, where he met fellow music lover and amateur guitarist John Lennon. John had a band, the Quarrymen, and asked Paul if he wanted to join up on the bass. Paul, along with John, George Harrison, and Pete Best, would go on to for the Silver Beatles, and they would eventually become the Beatles. Pete Best was eventually replaced with Ringo Starr, and the Beatles began playing a stint in Germany that would last for more than two years. The Beatles also grew quite popular on their homefront, in Liverpool. After achieving a very strong following, the Beatles signed with Brian Epstein, and released their first single, "Love Me Do," on EMI's Parlophone label. It was a smash hit in England, but it would take a couple of years for the Beatles to reach the United States. "Please Please Me" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand" became the hits that would contribute to the phenomenon known as Beatlemania, and in 1964, the Beatles would finally have their major American breakthrough. The Beatles go on to shoot films, produce groundbreaking hit records, and play sold-out shows around the world. Paul and John did most of the writing for the Beatles, and they enjoyed a prosperous career until their breakup in 1971.

Paul released one solo album during a brief breakup with the Beatles in 1970, but when they broke up for good, he released a second solo album called Ram, which did very well. He also put together a band he called Wings, which included his wife, Linda McCartney. Both projects were extremely successful, but eventually McCartney would concentrate on Wings, and they released many major hit records and hit singles throughout the 70’s. McCartney received accolades for his music, including a spot in the 1979 Guinness Book of World Records for the pop music composer with the most gold records. In 1981, Wings officially broke up, and Paul continued to release solo material. In the 80’s, however Paul did some notable work with pop phenomenon Michael Jackson, and musical genius Stevie Wonder. In the 90’s, McCartney continued to perform with his band, which still included Linda, and even did an unplugged appearance on MTV. In 1994, Paul, George and Ringo reunited to record “Free as a Bird,” a song written by John Lennon. The trio electronically transposed Lennon’s voice onto the music, and the Beatles were hotter then ever. The last few years of the 20th century were spent promoting new Beatles boxed sets, compilation CD’s, and other memorabilia, as the Beatles enjoyed a second (or third? perhaps fourth?) coming. Unfortunately, Paul lost the love of his life to complications caused by cancer. Linda passed away in 1998, but Paul has soldiered on, ever the smiling boyish Beatle that fans remember.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Bass Guitar Songwriter

British Invasion Boy Groups Psychedelic Rock Teen Idols

Bands That Paul McCartney Has Played For:
Beatles, The Wings

Paul McCartney Has Worked With:
John Lennon Ringo Starr George Harrison Linda McCartney Michael Jackson Alan Parsons Peter Frampton Noel Gallagher Eric Stewart Mick Jagger Jeff Lynne

Paul McCartney Was Influenced By:
Elvis Presley

Artists That Were Influenced By Paul McCartney:
Lane Brody Jim Bailey Caughlan Les Claypool Eric Dover Daniel House Billy J. Kramer Bill Laymon Steve Miller Ozzy Osbourne Gary Rossington Lucio Rubino Gene Simmons Robbie Williams
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