Joey Ramone

Born: May 19, 1952
Forest Hills, NY, USA
Died: April 15, 2001

Jeffery Hyman (Joey Ramone) was born in Forest Hills, New York on the 19th of May, 1951. He has the younger brother Mitch Hyman (Johnny Ramone). Joey was always involved with music because his grandmother had a music store. His first instrument was an accordin. At thirteen, his grandmother gave him a drum kit. When Joey was in high school he was making fifty dollars on a newspaper route and started to pick up on the drums. In the 70's, Joey started the original formation of the Ramones, only then, they were called Snipe. The Ramones were actually formed in 1974.

Joey was in the band from the beginning to the end. He originally started as the bands' drummer. Later on, Tommy Ramone let Joey sing and he picked up the sticks. The Ramones released many albums. They consisted of bootlegs, promos, singles, imports and regular studio and live discs. Some cd titles were, Greatest Hits (live), Chasing the night, I Don't want to Grow up, Poison Heart (2 disc set) R.A.M.O.N.E.S, Something to Believe my head is upside Down, Talk Mando Bizzaro, and Substitute.

Joey Ramone and the rest of the Ramone crew from 1974 to 1996 did a very important thing in the history of music. They were the start of a new era of rock. They started Punk. Many bands came out theses in the 70's and 80's also, bands like the Misfits came out and carried on the trend to newer bands like Green Day and MxPx.

All but one of the Ramones are alive today. The fans of the Ramones were heart broken when Joey died on April 15, 2001 to lymphatic cancer. He was only 49 when he died, He should be remembered by everyone for beginning an era of music. Joey lives deep inside the hearts of punk rock stars and the youth who listen to rock music.

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Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Drums Producer Songwriter Vocals

Punk Rock

Bands That Joey Ramone Has Played For:
Ramones, The (1974-2001)
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