Stevie Nicks

Born: May 26, 1948
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Nicks was the granddaughter of a semi-famous and frustrated country singer, but was always encouraged to perform from a very early age. She was writing songs by the time she was an early teen, and she joined her first rock group when she was in high school. During her last year of high school, Nicks met fellow student Lindsey Buckingham. They formed a band called Fritz, and became very popular, even opening for acts like Jimi Hendrix and CCR. Fritz disbanded after three years, and Nicks and Buckingham put out a duet album entitled Buckingham-Nicks. In 1974, however, Nicks and Buckingham were both invited to join the new lineup of Fleetwood Mac, and they both obliged. In 1977, Fleetwood Mac released the monstrously successful Rumours album, which broke sales records several times over. In 1981, Nicks took time from Mac to release some solo material, which turned out to be a wise decision indeed. Bella Donna hit number one, with many top twenty hits including "Edge of Seventeen" and her duet with Tom Petty, "Stop Dragging My Heart Around." She returned to Mac to release Mirage, and then it was another solo album entitled The Wild Heart, which went to number one with the hit "Stand Back." She stayed with Fleetwood Mac through 1993, but left to release a solo album, Street Angel, which did moderately well in sales.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Songwriter Piano


Bands That Stevie Nicks Has Played For:
Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks Has Worked With:
Mick Fleetwood Tom Petty Don Henley John McVie Christine McVie Lindsey Buckingham Benmont Tench Robbie Buchanan Waddy Wachtel Danny Kortchmar Jamie West-Oram Tony Levin Lori Perry Nicks

Artists That Were Influenced By Stevie Nicks:
Leah Andreone

Stevie Nicks's Discography:
Trouble in Shangri-La
Release Date: May 01, 2001
TimeSpace: The Best of Stevie Nicks
Release Date: 1991
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