Barry Chance

Barry Chance is a guitar player and played in a Nashville-area band called The Chessmen back in the early '70s. More recently he was the guitar player for country singer Chalee Tennison.

Barry and I played together for a while in Nashville with a group called Hillbilly Highway. In 2000 Barry had a stroke, but from what i understand , he's doing a whole lot better...playin again. Hillbilly Highway was Barry Chance (guitar), Bret Short (guitar), Beverly Nolen,(now Bev McGee),(drums) and Mel Travis (bass)(me).

Instruments Played / Skills:

Country Music

Bands That Barry Chance Has Played For:
Barefoot Jerry

Barry Chance Has Worked With:
Mel Travis
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"I'm in this business for the reason Megadeth is in this business, and that's because of attitude, integrity, and music."

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