Neil Peart

Born: September 12, 1952
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Considered a God in the drum and percussion worlds, Neil Peart became an accomplished musician at a young age. His liberal parents were very nurturing, and he excelled throughout his school career in literature, poetry and music. In his youth, he travelled to England, where he found himself selling souvenirs to tourists in order to survive. After he returned to Canada, he decided to make music on a semi-professional level, and to support himself by means other than music. He wanted to keep the music's integrity in tact with no compromises. Peart was actually in a band called Hush before he was auditioned for Rush. Geddy Lee instantly liked Peart, and, after a bit of persuasion, Alex Lifeson liked him as well. 20 years and albums later, Rush is still a successful band with a tremendous cult-like following. Peart, constantly ready to learn, has recently taken lessons from people he respects and continues to widen his scope, eternally pushing himself to be the best.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Drums Percussion Songwriter

Progressive Rock

Bands That Neil Peart Has Played For:
Rush (1974-present)

Neil Peart Has Worked With:
Geddy Lee Alex Lifeson

Artists That Were Influenced By Neil Peart:
Johnny Colt
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