Deborah Harry

Born: July 1, 1945
Miami, FL, USA

Deborah Harry emerged as one of the most prominent women in rock of the late 70's. Her band, Blondie, is attributed with being a major force in the New Wave movement of the early 80's. Most of the band members of Blondie met in or around the birthplace of Punk Rock, CBGB's. Debbie Harry's career since the formation of Blondie has been a fairly turbulent flight. In between Blondie's sporadic album releases, Harry has released some successful solo material. She has collaborated with such people as Iggy Pop to record such cult classics as "Well Did You Evah." Harry is also a moderately successful actress, appearing in such cult movies as "Hairspray" and "Videodrome." She is currently exploring other types of music, such as jazz and fusion.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Songwriter

New Wave Disco

Bands That Deborah Harry Has Played For:

Deborah Harry Has Worked With:
Clem Burke Jimmy Destri Chris Stein Iggy Pop
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"Half of me Is still a kid, and half of me is a 60-year-old granny, making sure people have got warm socks on and stuff. "

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