Lucky Peterson

Born: December 13, 1963
Buffalo, NY, USA

Lucky was born Judge Kenneth Peterson in 1963, and was raised in Buffalo, New York. He was surrounded by legendary blues artists from the beginning of his life, because his father owned an roadhouse blues club where he also performed. Lucky began music at a very young age, and started learning drums at age 3. After seeing Bill Doggett, he moved on to the Hammond B-3 organ. He took a few lessons from Bill Doggett himself, and also began tinkering with the bass and piano. He practiced hard, and became good enough to sit in with the likes of Lightnin' Hopkins and Jimmy Reed. And all of this was before the age of 5.

By the age of 6, Lucky had an album out that was produced by Willie Dixon. After that, Lucky was inundated with television and radio appearances. Billed as a child prodigy, he was in high demand everywhere. And, as he grew older, he began learning other instruments, as well as writing more difficult pieces for the instruments he already played. He jammed weekly with blues masters, and was eventually asked to join Little Milton's band. Lucky joined, and half a year later he was the bandleader. Lucky stayed with Little Milton for three years before moving on to Bobby Blue Bland's outfit. In between gigs with Bland, Lucky toured Europe with the Young Blues Giants tour. He recorded his second album in France. He eventually left Bland's band, and started to concentrate his focus on his solo career. He did session work while he wrote, and, with the help of other songwriter, finally had enough for a whole album. He put out his third effort in 1989 entitled Lucky Strikes!, on which Lucky plays all of the keyboard parts and all but one guitar solo.

Lucky has since been touring the U.S., as well releasing Triple Play in 1990.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Vocals Songwriter Organ

Rhythm and Blues Blues

Lucky Peterson Was Influenced By:
Bobby Blue Bland Willie Dixon Buddy Guy Little Milton James Peterson Eddie Taylor Stevie Wonder
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