Richard Wright

Born: July 28, 1945
London, England

Richard Wright was born into an affluent English family. He had two sisters, and the three of them were taught to appreciate the finer things in life, including classical music. Wright was given piano lessons from a very early age, and his love of classical music sprung. He attended prestigious schools and wound up meeting Roger Waters and Nick Mason at the Regent Street School of Architecture. Together, they discussed their love of music, and formed an R&B band, even though Wright had become more interested in jazz. After about six months of jamming together, Syd Barrett was added to the lineup, and he changed the face of the band altogether. He was much more creative and flowing than Waters, Wright or Mason, and he definitely added a psychedelic feel to their sound. He inspired Wright to start interjecting some of his classical background as well, and together the Floyd released a top ten album called The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. As the Floyd's popularity grew, so did Barrett's drug experimentation, and the rest of the group wondered how much longer Syd would be able to perform. His behavior grew more and more erratic, and he was slowly phased out of the band and replaced with the excellent David Gilmour in 1968. After this new introduction took place, the band moved forward to release A Saucerful of Secrets, followed by the soundtrack to the movie More and eventually Ummagumma. It was 1973, however, and the album Dark Side of the Moon that would guarantee Wright and the rest of the band go down in history. Wright's most significant contribution was a song called "The Great Gig in the Sky", although he co-wrote several of the other songs as well. Even though the album did well, this point marked the beginning of the struggles that would eventually tear Floyd in two. On one hand, Waters had stepped into the role as bandleader, and he was a non-negotiating figure whose main priority was to get his message across in his music. On the other hand, there was Gilmour, who was much more musical and song-oriented. The struggle between the two was constant, and Mason and Wright would often get caught in the middle. Dark Side was Water's album about madness and the other things he was interested in, and, although Wright and the other members enjoyed the success that came with the album, they were often overlooked as creative forces themselves. Animals and Wish You Were Here were more of the same, with the band focusing on Water's loathing of the music industry and the disconnection he felt towards his audience and fans. In 1978, Wright released a solo album he called Wet Dream, which didn't sell and he didn't support with a tour. Things continued to heat up in Floyd, until Wright was officially asked to leave the band in 1979. He was retained as a paid musician during the atrociously huge tour for the movie soundtrack The Wall, and news of Wright's dismissal was kept under wraps. Fans began to wonder, however, when his name wasn't icluded on the sleave of The Final Cut album. The band temporarily disintegrated, however, when Waters officially left the band on his own merits. Wright put out another solo effort in 1984 under the band name Zee, but, again, it didn't do well and there wasn't a tour or any live performances to speak of. In 1987, however, the unexpected happened when Gilmour and Mason reformed Pink Floyd and invited Wright to join them. They released A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and although Wright wasn't available to help with the writing of the album, he toured with Floyd to support the album. Despite Roger Waters' attempts to stop them, the album and tour were a monster success, and Floyd released a live album and video after the tour. In 1994, Richard Wright helped the other band members in the writing and recording of Division Bell. Again, this was followed by a world tour. It is rumoured now that Pink Floyd has gone into retirement, but Wright recently put out another solo effort entitled Broken China.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Organ Piano Songwriter Synthesizer Vocals Backup Vocals

Psychedelic Rock Stadium Rock

Bands That Richard Wright Has Played For:
Pink Floyd

Richard Wright Has Worked With:
David Gilmour Nick Mason Roger Waters Syd Barrett Guy Pratt Alan Parsons Jon Carin Gary Wallis Tim Renwick Dick Parry Bob Ezrin
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