Lorne Matthews

Born: June 20, 1941
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pianist Extraordinaire. Studied at Toronto Conservatory of Music. His album "Battle Hymn" was honored by the NEFF as "Best Instrumental Album of the Year". Played "Battle Hymn" solo for President Reagan's First Congressional Prayer Breakfast - Washington, D.C. Former pianist with The Cathedrals, The McDuff Brothers, The Landmark Quartet, and The Brothers. He appears on many of the Gaither videos. Appears daily via video on GMT (Gospel Music Television) Pigeon Forge, TN via Sky Angel satellite and other cable channels. Has performed and ministered throughout the U.S., Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Although a gospel pianist, Lorne combines a lot of varied styles to come up with the Lorne Matthews style. He has studied a lot of classical music, but says he has been highly influenced by jazz and blues greats like Peter Nero and Oscar Peterson. He has a natural gift to play black gospel, southern gospel or country style. Lorne is an "artist" who paints a picture with his music...the artist weaves, sculpts and creates various musical pictures. You are more than just an observer or a listener - you become a part of the masterpiece. These pictures cannot be duplicated because they come from the deepest emotion of the artist. Lorne Matthews is in a league of his own. His performance is a unique blend of God-given talent, anointing, unusual creativity and hard work.

Instruments Played / Skills:


Bands That Lorne Matthews Has Played For:
Cathedral Quartet (AKA The Cathedrals)
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"I never considered myself the greatest, but I'm the best."

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