Eddie Vedder

Born: December 23, 1966
Evanston, IL, USA

It's no suprise that Eddie Vedder has so much maturity and realness about him. His life as an adult began at a young age, as he entered the "real" world and got a job to support himself at a young age. After turbulent years at home, he moved out on his own. He lived in San Diego for a while, before moving to Chicago to be with his mother and brothers. Eventually, though, he moved back to San Diego, longtime girlfriend Beth Liebling in tow. By this time, Vedder had his GED and proceeded to get a regular-joe job. In his spare time, he would record demos on a small machine in his room. A friend gave him a tape of a musician from Seattle named Stone Gossard. Gossard was trying to get a band together, and needed a singer. Vedder's style and lyrics seemed to go right with the music, and he contacted the band with a tape of his lyrics over the band's music. Pearl jam was formed 1990.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals Producer Guitar


Bands That Eddie Vedder Has Played For:
Pearl Jam Temple of the Dog

Eddie Vedder Has Worked With:
Neil Young Mike McCready Stone Gossard Chris Cornell Dave Abbruzzese Jeff Ament Matt Cameron Jon Carin

Eddie Vedder Was Influenced By:
Neil Young
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