Carolina Cotton

Born: October 20, 1933
Cash, AR, USA

Carolina Cotton's daddy was a chef from Stockholm, and they moved around quite a bit during her childhood while he looked for suitable work, and finally settled on a ranch near San Francisco. That is where Carolina began taking dance lessons, and she began to practice her vocals. Soon after, she began auditioning for radio and television shows, yodeling, singing and dancing, as well as going to school and maintaining an A average. All of her free time was soon spent in the studio, as she was working 17 shows a week, including weekends. It wasn't long before she was asked to do films. Out of necessity, she learned to play the steel guitar, because all of her band members were being drafted into the Army. It was around this time that she met Spade Cooley, who took a liking to Carolina and asked her to take a bit part in his picture. She also did films with Roy Acuff, and she joined Texas Playboys and yodeled with Tex Williams for a brief period. She was busy with Spade Cooley's swing band, and she also frequently performed at hospitals and parades. In fact, she learned to ride a horse specifically for parade appearances, as well as film parts. After her show business stint, she began teaching 4th grade.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Yodeling Conventional Country

Bands That Carolina Cotton Has Played For:
Texas Playboys, The (1951) Spade Cooley and his Western Swing Band
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