Billy Howerdel

Born: May 18, taurus

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Bass Guitar Producer Songwriter Programmer Engineer

Heavy Metal Industrial Metal

Bands That Billy Howerdel Has Played For:
A Perfect Circle

Billy Howerdel Has Worked With:
Josh Freese Maynard James Keenan Troy Van Leeuwen Paz Lenchantin Danny Carey Justin Chancellor Adam Jones Axl Rose Slash Izzy Stradlin Steven Adler Danny Lohner Trent Reznor Tim "Herb" Alexander

Billy Howerdel's Gear:

    Guitars-1960 Gibson Les Paul Classic Reissue, also seen playing a les paul elegant, strung with ernie ball strings, both are tuned to C#(low to high, C# F# B E G# C#)

    Rack Set Up- Furman PL plus power conditioner(providing power to every rack item), Korg ToneWorks DTR-1 rackmount tuner, Lexicon MPX-G2 effects processor, DigiTech 2101 processor, T.C.Electronics G-Force processor, and a Rocktron Rack interface to help him switch items.

    Controllers-Lexicon MIDI RPX-1 midi controller to control effect changes and effect parameters.

    Amps- Used to be a naked amp custom and VHT cabs, but during the major tv shows(Leno, Conan O'Brien) I've seen him play through Marshall amps and cabs.

    Dunlop picks.

    Slides-Dunlop (he thanks them in the album jacket)

    His rack was most likely built by Dave Friedman of Rack Systems( a company that builds specific high tech racks and rack items) because he thanked him in the album jacket as well


    Shure microphones.

    Thanks to Walt for the great information regarding Billy Howerdel.

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"When I first knew Elvis he had a million dollars worth of talent. Now he has a million dollars."

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