Herb Pedersen

Born: April 27, 1944
Berkeley, CA, USA

Herb Pedersen has had an ongoing musical relationship with Johnny Rivers since 1974. Rivers recorded Herb's 'Wait a Minute' on his '74 LP "Road." Herb also sang harmonies on the record. Herb performed as part of River's LA Boogie Band on JR's '74 album, "Last Boogie in Paris." Rivers contributed vocals on Herb's '77 "Sandman" LP. Herb also appears on JR's '98 release "Last Train to Memphis" and most recently on JR's "Back at the Whisky" CD.

Herb has toured in John Denver's band.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Vocals Banjo Songwriter


Bands That Herb Pedersen Has Played For:
Desert Rose Band Dillards Burrito Brothers

Herb Pedersen Has Worked With:
Chris Hillman John Jorgenson Steve Duncan Bill Bryson Jay Dee Maness Tom Brumley John Denver
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