James Clark Duncan

Born: February 7, 1886
Dixon, MO, USA
Died: January 9, 1973

James Clark Duncan was known to friends and contemporaries as "Clark". Clark's natural talent for music developed early in life. He could play any stringed instrument, especially the violin and the mandolin. He crafted his own violins. He was associated for a time with Dr. Henry H. Smith's "Champion Horse Hair Pullers", a popular musical group. The band made appearances at radio station KTHS in Hot Springs and in September of 1928 recorded for Victor Records in Memphis.

Thanks to Fanny Arango-Keeth for the information regarding James Clark Duncan.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Conventional Country

Bands That James Clark Duncan Has Played For:
Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss-Hair Pullers

James Clark Duncan Has Worked With:
Bryan Lackey Owen Hunt W.P. McLeary Luther Walker George Dillard Ray Marshall Leeman Bone Grayton Bone Roosevelt Garner Hubert Simmons Homer T. Goatcher J. Odie Goatcher
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