Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Born: August 1, 1931
Brooklyn, NY, USA

"Now Jack wasn't searching for a workingman's reincarnation of Walt Whitman, but he knew damn well when he heard an authentic singer - one who didn't apologize if his throat was worn or his guitar attacked rather than soothed. In February of 1951, a doctor had mistaken some abdominal pains Woody Guthrie was having for a minor stomach virus. (He'd actually ruptured his appendix.) Whilst lazing about recovering and entertaining visitors, a kid of about twenty strode in under a cowboy hat with guitar in hand. Next thing Woody knew, this kid had invited himself to the house.

Sometimes he'd come out on stage and never sing a song. He'd rap for forty minutes. He must have been the first cowboy-folk rap artist. He plays that Martin D-28 with a beat-jazz attitude. A true American original." -- Tom Russell on Jack Elliott.

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Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals Guitar

Conventional Country

Ramblin' Jack Elliott Was Influenced By:
Jesse Fuller Woody Guthrie Blind Lemon Jefferson Jimmie Rodgers

Artists That Were Influenced By Ramblin' Jack Elliott:
Bob Dylan

Ramblin' Jack Elliott's Gear:
    Martin D-28
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"When I first knew Elvis he had a million dollars worth of talent. Now he has a million dollars."

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