Born: October 24, 1980
Atlanta, GA, USA

For as young as she is, Monica has already become a veteran of the music business. She was considered a child prodigy, rising quickly in her church choir at the young of age four. Word quickly spread of her amazing vocal ability, and eventually, Queen Latifah came knocking, wanting to manage her career. Monica has an instantly likeable personality, both sassy and smart and eloquent in her own right. Not even old enough to drink, Monica has already released a gold record, Miss Thang. We will hear much more from this gifted young vocalist.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Pop R&B Teen Idols

Monica Was Influenced By:
Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston
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"It's the music that kept us all intact...kept us from going crazy. You should have two radios in case one gets broken."

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