Kevin Martin

Born: April 9, 1969
Elgin, IL, USA

Kevin Martin was born and raised in the Midwest, where he got into punk acts like the Butthole Surfers and Black Flag as a teenager. When he was in high school, he learned to play the guitar and drums, and found he had a real knack for singing. He began to join bands, like Nypd, Social Smash, Uncle Duke, and Dali’s Opera. Finally, he helped form Candlebox, who became a sensation in the 90’s when they got signed to Madonna’s Maverick label.

Kevin contributed to the soundtrack of VH1's movie, "At Any Cost" - the tune is "Thoughtless Innuendos" and it received good response. Additionally, he's working on a solo project and his demo has created some major interest. Look for something from Kevin soon.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Songwriter


Bands That Kevin Martin Has Played For:

Kevin Martin Has Worked With:
Scott Mercado Peter Klett Bardi Martin
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