Scott Mercado

Born: November 11, 1964
San Francisco, CA, USA

Scott Mercado was raised in Seattle, Washington, with his brother. He started playing the drums at age 11, as well as the dulcimer. He met Kevin Martin while they were both working on a project with Southern rock roots, called Uncle Duke. Both he and Kevin Martin formed the band Candlebox in May 1991. He left the band in 1997 in order to pursue his first love, jazz. Candlebox replaced him with Dave Krusen.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Drums Dulcimer Songwriter


Bands That Scott Mercado Has Played For:
Candlebox (1991-1997)

Scott Mercado Has Worked With:
Kevin Martin Peter Klett Bardi Martin
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"You've got to get off on the right footing, but after that you have to carry on with your own identity, which for me came later."

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