Layne Staley

Born: August 22, 1967
Bellevue, WA, USA
Died: April 25, 2002

Staley has always been an intelligent, well-rounded individual. As a child, his musical talent was apparent at a very young age. Interested in drums, he was taking percussion lessons before he was in kindergarten. His interests changed to vocals in junior high, though, and Staley traded his drum kit for a P.A. system. His unusual voice and singing style drew the attention of many local garage bands, and Layne tried on many different bands for size. He finally formed his own band, Alice 'N Chains, while still in high school. When he met guitarist Jerry Cantrell in a popular rehearsal hall in Seattle, sparks flew, and they decided to change the name to Alice in Chains. Success for the band didn't come immediately. Their first record, Facelift, didn't take off right away. But, after almost a year, it exploded. Very suddenly, the Seattle sound was the hottest thing going, and Alice in Chains was right at ground zero, creating the kinds of sounds that other bands would be copying throughout the rest of the 90's. Next came the release of Dirt, which spun the chart-topping hits “The Rooster,” “Would?,” and “Down in a Hole.” While the follow-up album, Jar of Flies, proved to be more mellow with it's acoustic approach, it still produced major hits with “No Excuses,” and “I Stay Away.” While Chains enjoyed a successful career in the 90’s, they have been virtually out of site since their last album in Unplugged set on MTV in 1996. They have released a couple of compilation sets since then, but no live performances, and no new releases.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals Backup Vocals


Bands That Layne Staley Has Played For:
Alice In Chains Mad Season Class of '99

Layne Staley Has Worked With:
Mike Inez Sean Kinney Mike Starr Jerry Cantrell Mike McCready John Baker Saunders Barrett Martin
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"Anything you've ever heard comes out in what you play."

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