Bonnie Guitar

Born: March 25, 1923
Seattle, WA, USA

Bonnie Guitar had one of the most distinctive voices that any female performer has ever had. Bonnie sang songs that she enjoyed singing, she sings to people and about people. She was never the superstar that she should have been for some reason, I remember such songs looking back as Mr. Fireyes and the like and wonder why she never was. When the lady was on stage everyone in the audience thought that she was putting on the show just for them, this is true whether you were in the front row or clear back in the top last row. You knew that she was doing it and you were the only one in the house. There have been other performers that came close to doing this but in my opinion she was certainly the best at it.

review submitted by Charlie.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals Guitar Producer Record Company Executive

Country Music
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"I think my fans will follow me into our combined old age. Real musicians and real fans stay together for a long, long time."

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