Jerry Cantrell

Born: March 18, 1966
Tacoma, WA, USA

Cantrell was plucking around on the guitar at the young age of eleven. More of a hindrance than hobby, Cantrell was more interested in playing with friends than he was the guitar. But, by his later years of high school, Cantrell was playing more seriously, and began making his way around the garage band circuit of Seattle. After meeting Mike Starr and hearing Layne Staley's incredible singing voice, they decided to start a new band. They adopted Staley's band name, Alice 'N Chains, and changed it slightly to Alice in Chains. With the addition of drummer Sean Kinney, they made a sound that moved away from the 80's glam that was so worn out at the time. Cantrell's very distinctive guitar sound quickly earned him a reputation as a guitar master in the 90's. With the demise of Alice in Chains, however, Cantrell has been working on solo projects. His first solo effort, Boggy Depot, received excellent reviews and a fair amount of radio airplay. Lately, he's been lending his talent to other people's albums. Although Alice in Chains has never officially broken up, it is doubtful that another album will come out of them. We can only hope that Cantrell will continue to soldier on despite Staley's personal problems.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Vocals Backup Vocals

Grunge Heavy Metal

Bands That Jerry Cantrell Has Played For:
Alice In Chains

Jerry Cantrell Has Worked With:
Mike Inez Sean Kinney Mike Starr Layne Staley Les Claypool

Jerry Cantrell Was Influenced By:
Lindsey Buckingham Johnny Cash Jimi Hendrix Tony Iommi Brian May Jimmy Page Eddie Van Halen

Artists That Were Influenced By Jerry Cantrell:
Mike Mushok
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