Eric Burdon

Born: May 11, 1941
Walker, Northumberland, England

Eric Burdon is considered one of the key figures in the British Invasion. With his band, the Animals, they conquered England, and then America, along with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. With Burdon’s epic song “House of the Rising Sun,” the band became an instant rock and roll classic. The Animals disbanded, however, because of the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the changing times, and Burdon wanted to go back to his blues roots. Burdon spent the next few years performing his solo blues stuff, as well as performing reunion albums and tours with the Animals. He also recorded many tracks for movie sountracks throughout the eighties and nineties, as well as making appearances in movies and on tv specials. Burdon and the Animals were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, and he was invited to perform at the Jimi Hendrix Tribute Concert in Seattle. Recently, Burdon put together a new band and is touring clubs and small theatres in America and Europe.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Songwriter

Blues Metal

Bands That Eric Burdon Has Played For:
Animals, The War

Eric Burdon Has Worked With:
Alan Price Chas Chandler John Steel Hilton Valentine Danny McCulloch Gregg Gerson

Artists That Were Influenced By Eric Burdon:
Eddie Money Tad Robinson
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"Anybody that walks can sing."

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