Robert Plant

Born: August 20, 1948
West Bromwich, Warks, England

After several bands and a couple of solo single releases, Robert Plant settled down with Led Zepellin in 1968. At the young age of 20 years old, Plant was to become the definitive front man. Jimmy Page was automatically drawn to his blues-influenced singing style and uninhibited stage presence. It was the perfect match for his loose guitar technique, and for 12 most excellent years, they were Led Zeppelin. Plant strutted his stuff on stage and set the pace for heavy metal lead vocalists for the next 25 years. Tragedy ended that, however, when John Bonham, the drummer for Zeppelin, died. Where Zeppelin ended, though, Plant's solo career began. He had several successful solo albums, and each one had a variety of musical direction. Experimenting with rockabilly, world music, and Led Zeppelin samples, Robert Plant creates a sound all his own. As his solo efforts carried him into the 90's, rumours of a reunion tour began to circulate. Page and Plant actually did reunite for a successful world tour in 1994, and then did it again when they released a new album in 1998. Only the future will tell what will happen with Robert Plant next, but we can only hope for another tour.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals Harmonica

Blues Metal Heavy Metal British Invasion

Bands That Robert Plant Has Played For:
Page/Plant Led Zeppelin Honeydrippers, The

Robert Plant Has Worked With:
Jimmy Page John Paul Jones John Bonham Jason Bonham Michael Lee Doug Boyle Porl Thompson Peter Grant Cozy Powell

Robert Plant Was Influenced By:
Wynonie Harris

Artists That Were Influenced By Robert Plant:
Chester Bennington Mike Einziger Paz Lenchantin Henry Rollins

Robert Plant's Discography:
Fate of Nations
Release Date: May 27, 1993
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"I'm grandiose. I've wanted to be a rock star since I was two."

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