George Bunnell

Born: June 9, 1949
Lawrence, MA, USA

Moved to Los Angeles, CA., in 1952. Third generation Italian with an art and music heritage. Several cousins are musicians, actors and George's mother, Nellie is a painter. George started playing violin and accordian around 5-7 years old. At the age of 13 he picked up the guitar and later bass. George started writing songs at the age of 14 with his nextdoor neighbor, Steve Bartek. The two went on to write many songs for the Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense and Peppermints" LP, and subsequent albums. Steve played flute on that first LP, and George became the group's bassist. After the Strawberry Alarm clock disbanded in late 1968, Steve and George reunited in another band called Buffington Rhodes. Although they played in concert with Procal Harum, Chicago, Ten Years after, and recorded several songs with famed producers Bill Lazarus, and Dave Hassinger no record deal was made and the group broke up. This was in late 1969. At this point, frustrated with trying to keep a band intact, George and Steve went back to their song writing. After crafting a number of tunes, and embarking on a rock musical about P.T. Barnum they ended up right where they started, in another band. Again, big concerts(California Jam...playing between Deep Purple, and the ABC in concerts' balloon logo group...aka. Strawberry Alarm Clock)and recording at the famed Wally Heider Studios in Hollywood, CA., but still, no deal.

In the late 70's George dove head long into the world of Rock-a- Billy...playing with a singer named Wayne Colt. George produced and arranged four singles under the name W.L. Colt. The songs did quite well in the mid-west and the group went on tour with B.J. Thomas. An album was recorded and and the group was signed to ABC/DUNHILL records, only to have them go belly-up! Hopes dashed this time Steve had joined an odd group of musicians called "The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo". This would prove to be his best move as they went on to great local success which has evolved into a full blown film composing career for Steve and his partner, Danny Elfman. George, in the meantime, had another band called "Speed Bumps". Steve was also a member of this group. George co-produced and arranged as well as played bass. Dennis Dragon was engineer and producer for all the recordings made by the Bumps....about 50 songs in all. They did have a tentative agreement with A&M records, but Danny Elfman did not like the idea of Steve being in both groups(Boingo was also with A&M). His clout won out and the Bumps went into a tail spin. Never releasing a record except a children's album and book under the name of Beth Leichter...the lead singer of Speed Bumps...aka, Basha. this was in the late 1980's.

Also in the 80's the Strawberry Alarm Clock re-recorded a version of Incense and Peppermints for K-TELL records. Dennis Dragon was the producer and Steve played flute for old times' sake. The SAC had regrouped in the early 80's to play on concert tours with lots of old cronies. The Jefferson Starship, John Sebastian, Robbie Krieger, Eric Burdon and many others. A new SAC song was released on an album for world hunger called, "WORLD JAM", on World Wide Records in the late 1990's. Robbie Krieger was also featured on that album. Today George is playing with a band called Greydog. They released an album called "Mid-life Crisis" in 2000. They are currently working on a new album of material. The first album can be purchased through keyword, Greydog.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Bass Guitar

Bands That George Bunnell Has Played For:
Strawberry Alarm Clock

George Bunnell Has Worked With:
Lee Freeman Ed King Gary Lovetro Mark Weitz
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"I like to bang on things."

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