Mike Pinera

Mike Pinera played lead guitar and sang for the Blues Image. The band also consisted of Manule Bermutti (drums), Joe LaLa (drums and percussion) also played with Manassas, Skip Konte (from I believe Alaska) and Malcolm (don't remember the last name) a Welshman on Bass. They were the house band at a converted bowling alley on North Miami Beach near the Castaways hotel called the Image. The Image was owned either wholly or in part by the Collins brothers. They were responsible for the Doors concert at Dinner Key auditorium where Jim Morrison dropped "trou" and was arrested. The Image was the host to every great 60s band there was from Tiny Tim to the Vanilla Fudge, Spanky, the NRBQ, the Bangles (a Seminole Indian band long before the girl band of the same name) The Collection, the Hottest, Spirit, etc., etc.

Some great songs on Pinera's album with the Blues Image were "Reality Does Not Inspire", "Can't You Believe in Forever", their version of "Parchman Farm" and many others. They put to shame some of the greatest rock bands ever.

The Image had a very tight sound and was one of the first bands of the 60s to use two drummers (in sync) at the same time. Skip Konte had a big Hammond B-3 and when the Blues Image played long instrumentals everyone sat on the floor and heads bobbed to the music.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Psychedelic Rock

Bands That Mike Pinera Has Played For:
Iron Butterfly

Mike Pinera Has Worked With:
Danny Weis
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"Without music life would be a mistake."

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