Billy Jones

Born: November 20, 1949
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Died: February 7, 1995

Graduated with honors with a degree in mathamatics from the University of South Florida; turned down a scholarship at the Julliard School of Music to play rock and roll. After leaving the Outlaws Billy played for a time with the Southern Rock All Stars and Miss Agnes.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Vocals


Bands That Billy Jones Has Played For:
Outlaws, The

Billy Jones Has Worked With:
Frank O'Keefe Hughie Thomasson Monte Yoho Henry Paul Harvey Dalton Arnold Freddie Salem David Dix Rick Cua David Lane Chris Anderson B.B. Bordon Billy Yates Anthony Catanzaro Billy Greer Chris Hicks
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"My friend asked me if I'd ever tried playing the guitar with a bow, and I said no. I didn't even know if it would work."

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