Rust Epique

Born: February 29, 1968
Stockton, CA, USA

Rust grew up in Modesto, California, where he attended school until he hit junior college, when he left to pursue music full-time. He had been in several cover bands, performing at local proms, clubs and churches. In 1989, he relocated to Hollywood, where he joined a group that eventually evolved into Rust and the Superheroes. In the 1990's, Rust was called to join Crazy Town, which featured Faydoe Deelay on bass and Anthony "Trouble" Valli on guitar. Crazy Town has gone on to make quite a name for themselves in the pop/rock arena. Epique's music has also been featured on such snowboarding movies as Gravity Sucks, Gravity Sucks 2, and Wake the Beast. Along with his prosperous music career, Epique has acrylic and oil artwork featured in galleries around the world. His career has also included parts as movie and television show extras, and he has been in featured in all of the Crazy Town music videos. He started LILA (Lost In L.A.) Records as well. Rust is enjoying the top of his game. Much more will be heard from him in the future.

Instruments Played / Skills:


Bands That Rust Epique Has Played For:
Crazy Town

Rust Epique Has Worked With:
Bret "Epic" Mazur Troy Van Leeuwen Faydoe Deelay Shifty Shellshock DJ A.M. Mad Lion Trouble Valli

Rust Epique Was Influenced By:
Bjork Eazy-E Prince Chuck Berry Faydoe Deelay Suge Knight Madonna Gary Moore Willie Nelson Ike Turner
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"We're not trying to be something big and fancy. It's just us, doing what we do."

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