Trevor Rabin

Born: January 13, 1955
Johannesburg, South Africa

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Guitar

Hard Rock Guitar Masters Progressive Rock

Bands That Trevor Rabin Has Played For:
Yes (1983-1994)

Trevor Rabin Has Worked With:
Rick Wakeman

Trevor Rabin's Gear:
    Plays a 60s Start heavily well as a Westone TRabin model guitar. Uses an Alvarez Yairi acoustic as well. His volume swells are usually done by a swell pedal (called the Slow Gear by production years I think they are reissuing a handful).
Guitar Techniques used by Trevor Rabin
Volume Swells
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"I just always have this thing about notes, that they're really expensive, and that you shouldn't spend them, unless you really have to."

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