Harvey Ellington

Born: November 9, 1909
Berea, NC, USA
Died: ?

Harvey Ellington was also known as Hash House Harvey. He played fiddle, banjo, mandolin & guitar, and performed in traveling medicine shows in the 1920's that followed the "tobacco circuit". He was a member of the Swingbillies in the 1930's. The Swingbillies were featured on WPTF radio & recorded for the Bluebird label. Later he played with the Tobacco Tags, a group that started on the nationally syndicated radio show Old Dominion Barn Dance, originating on WRVA in Richmond, Virginia. Ellington retired from music after World War II and returned to performing in the 1970's.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Fiddle Mandolin Banjo Guitar

Conventional Country

Bands That Harvey Ellington Has Played For:
Tobacco Tags, The

Harvey Ellington Has Worked With:
Luke Beaucom Sam Pridgin Reid Summey George Wade
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