Johnnie Lee Wills

Born: September 2, 1912
Jewett, TX, USA
Died: October 25, 1984

Instruments Played / Skills:
Band Leader Tenor Banjo Fiddle Banjo

Conventional Country

Bands That Johnnie Lee Wills Has Played For:
Texas Playboys, The (1935-1940)

Johnnie Lee Wills Has Worked With:
Herman Arnspiger Jesse Ashlock Smokey Dacus Tommy Duncan Art Haines Sleepy Johnson Leon McAuliffe Son Lansford Zeb McNally Ruth McMaster Al Stricklin Ray McGeer Joe Ferguson Everett Stover Cousin Cecil Brower Charles Laughton Eldon Shamblin Tubby Lewis Wayne Johnson Louis Tierney Don Harlan Tiny Mott Jamie MacIntosh Gene Tomlin Darrell Jones Danny Alguire George Balay Morris Billington Alex Brashear Neil Duer Bob Fitzgerald Joe Holley Jim Belken
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