Albert Ammons

Born: September 23, 1907
Chicago, IL, USA
Died: December 2, 1949

Working in Chicago during the 1920's gave Ammons the opportunity to play with some of the best bands of the time. His brilliant piano playing and shout-style singing made him very popular, and he carried an energy that appealed to mass audiences. He is known as the father of boogie-woogie, and enjoyed a very successful career throughout the 1940's, playing with such popular musicians as Guy Kelly and Israel Crosby. He was a regular at popular nightspots like the Cafe Society in New York City, not to mention the famous Carnegie Hall. He also had an ongoing residency at the Club DeLisa in Chicago.

Instruments Played / Skills:


Albert Ammons Has Worked With:
Gene "Jug" Ammons
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"We wrote songs that were massively catchy. I challenge anybody to deny that."

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