Neil Young

Born: November 12, 1945
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Neil Young's musical ability was encouraged by both of his parents. His father gave him a ukulele as a gift, and from that moment on, Young was determined to play every stringed instrument he could get his hands on. After the ukulele, Young's parents divorced and he moved with his mother to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Neil dove headfirst into practicing, falling asleep every night with a banjo or mandolin under his arm. His mother supported his musical adeptness strenuously. She allowed Neil to drop out of school - he hated school and did poorly anyhow - so he could practice more. She began booking gigs for his band, Neil Young and the Squires.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Harmonica Songwriter Vocals Backup Vocals

Folk-Rock Hard Rock Heavy Metal

Bands That Neil Young Has Played For:
Crosby Stills Nash & Young Neil Young and Crazy Horse Buffalo Springfield

Neil Young Has Worked With:
Stephen Stills David Crosby Graham Nash Eddie Vedder Bruce Palmer Jim Fielder Ken Koblun Jim Messina

Neil Young Was Influenced By:
Bob Dylan

Artists That Were Influenced By Neil Young:
Slash Shannon Hoon Frank O'Keefe Bruce Springsteen Eddie Vedder
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"I'd always had longer hair than other boys. I was a long-haired musician before hippies came along."

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