Will Brokenbourgh

Will Brokenbourgh, aka Will B, originally played drums with 1950's-punk band The Grave Diggers, with Jason Goodman, Mike McCarthy, and Wally Hersom. After a bitter confrontation with a band-member, Will B was replaced. The Grave Diggers disbanded in 1988-1989.

Will B was then tapped to fill the role of drummer in the band Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Trio with Big Sandy (Robert Williams), Wally Hersom, and T.K. Smith. The band was basically formed to record an album, but the band continues to this day. Will B performed with Big Sandy for a while, but then the duties of married life and being a father became more important.

Instruments Played / Skills:


Bands That Will Brokenbourgh Has Played For:
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys (1988-1989)

Will Brokenbourgh Has Worked With:
Big Sandy Wally Hersom T.K. Smith

Will Brokenbourgh Was Influenced By:
Stewart Copeland Buddy Rich
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