Izzy Stradlin

Born: April 8, 1962
Lafayette, IN, USA

Izzy Stradlin grew up in the Midwest atmosphere of Lafayette, Indiana. He enjoyed a normal childhood, where there wasn’t entirely too much trouble to get into, but he and his friends made it interesting enough to enjoy. When he was young, he watched his paternal grandmother gig with her elderly friends. She was a drummer, and their band played swing and jazz at parties. He watched episodes of the Partridge Family, and knew he wanted to form a band. Eventually, when he was a pre-teen, he talked his folks into getting him a drum set, and he taught himself how to play. His father opened a bar, where his associates from his insurance sales would come and drink. The drum kit he had bought Izzy stayed at the bar, and the bands that played would show Izzy some tricks. Soon, he was a killer drummer. He bought a guitar, and began to write songs. He got into Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin as a teen, and eventually was turned on to Alice Cooper through a friend.

At school, Izzy and a few friends began jamming. One of the friends was Axl Rose. Since there were no clubs to play, Izzy and Axl never made their way out of the garage in Indiana. After graduation, Izzy hit the road to L.A. He loaded his equipment and belongings into his Chevy Impala and booked it for Hollywood, where he was sure he would find a new life. When he arrived in L.A., he got together with the L.A. punk band Naughty Women. His introduction to the L.A. music scene was a gig in downtown L.A., where he would find out the the rest of the Naughty Women were performing in drag. The band got their ass kicked, and Stradling knew he he wasn’t in Indiana anymore. He lasted about two months with the Naughty Women, and eventually went to the Atoms, which were more of a metal sounding band. One day, however, his drum kit was stolen out of his car, which died soon after. He ditched the car, and started playing bass. He joined up with a band called Shire, but he left the band after only a short stint, and traded his bass for a guitar. Soon after he bought the guitar, he began writing songs.

Stradling began practicing the guitar day and night. His high school friend Axl Rose came to Hollywood for a short visit, and a year later moved to Hollywood for good to form Hollywood Rose. They gigged to little success, and briefly broke up while Izzy spent some time in L.A. band London before reforming in 1985. Hollywood Rose would eventually change their name to Guns ‘N Roses.

Guns ‘N Roses enjoyed a glorious ride through the late 80’s and early 90’s. Stradlin co-wrote most of the successful G’NR material with Rose, but eventually got tired of the spotlight. He dropped out of G’NR, leaving the spotlight to Axl and his followers, and headed back to Lafayette. There, he formed Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, and recorded an album in Izzy’s eight-track studio. Izzy’s new stuff has gone on to get top-ten rock and roll status, as well as critical acclaim. Izzy and the Ju Ju Hounds have toured the world, and produced three albums. He continues to help other successful musicians produce good albums, and is always in the studio working on something.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Backup Vocals

Heavy Metal

Bands That Izzy Stradlin Has Played For:
Guns N' Roses

Izzy Stradlin Has Worked With:
Slash Axl Rose Billy Howerdel West Arkeen
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