Bill O'Toole

Born: August 21, 1951
Sydney, Australia

Bill invented and built bagpipes. He formed Blowzabella so he could perform around England with similar musicians. Returning to Australia, he formed Sirocco. The idea was to create a unique combination of influences and instruments that reflected a vibrant multicultural Australia. He went on to create unique events in Asia and Australia, such as the concert in the Macquarie Marsh - broadcast to over 100 million people.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Bagpipes Flute Oboe Piccolo Clarinet

Irish Folk

Bands That Bill O'Toole Has Played For:
Blowzabella Sirocco

Bill O'Toole Has Worked With:
Sam Palmer Jon Swayne Dave Armitage Nigel Eaton Andy Cutting Jo Freya Paul James Ian Luff Andrew de Teliga
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