Luther Grosvenor

Luther Grosvenor is especially well-known for his work with Spooky Tooth, which evolved from Art. After he left Spooky Tooth at the beginning of the seventies, Grosvenor went on an meandering course that witnessed a solo album, a stint with Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan in Stealers Wheel, and the transformation from "mild" nice guy guitarist to the raving looner Ariel Bender in Mott The Hoople, where he stayed for two years. Upon exiting Mott, Grosvenor, or Bender formed Widowmaker with former Brit teen idol Steve Ellis. When Widowmaker folded, Grosvenor dropped off the proverbial radar map until he resurfaced last year in the reformed (minus Gary Wright) Spooky Tooth.

Thanks once again goes to our pal Alan Rockman for the excellent bio on Luther Grosvenor.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Vocals

Rock and Roll

Bands That Luther Grosvenor Has Played For:
Art Spooky Tooth Stealers Wheel Mott the Hoople Widowmaker

Luther Grosvenor Has Worked With:
Mike Harrison Mike Kellie Greg Ridley Gary Wright Morgan Fisher Dale Griffin Ian Hunter Ray Major Gerry Rafferty
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