Daron Malakian

Daron (and the rest of System of a Down) have worked with Wu-tang Clan. They teamed up for the loud record album "Loud Rocks" and reworked the Wu-Tang song "Shame on a Nigga."

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar Songwriter

Gothic Metal

Bands That Daron Malakian Has Played For:
System of a Down

Daron Malakian Has Worked With:
Serj Tankian John Dolmayan Shavo Odadjian

Daron Malakian's Gear:
    • Plays an Ibanez Iceman custom (loaded with Gibson pick ups).
    • In the studio he plays a Jackson Randy Rhodes model.
    • A Gibson SG.
    • A double-neck Gibson SG.
    • A baritone guitar.
    • Uses Mesa/Boogie amps.
    • His Carvin amp was his first ever, so he keeps it for senimental reasons.
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