Jim Waller

Born: June 16, 1943
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Formed The Deltas in 1961 at Fresno State College. Deltas broke up in 1967 during one year engagement at Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Waller joined "Los Blues" a jazz-rock group from San Antonio. Group played for years at the Sahara Hotel and then toured the US for a few years. Los Blues broke up in 1973 and went back to San Antonio. Waller went back to Fresno and later San Francisco with group Oasis. Directed the stage bands at Santa Barbara Community College for a year while finishing music degree at UCSB. Moved to San Antonio in 1977 to join "Road Apple" which included several ex Los Blues members. Built recording studio in 1985 and currently produces jingles and CDs.

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