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1995 in Tallahassee, FL

Post-Grunge Resurgence

Scott Stapp, a young boy with a strict Christian upbringing, met aspiring guitarist Mark Tremonti while they were attending grade school together in Florida. Stapp's father was a minister, and he wasn't allowed to listen to rock music. Tremonti quenched Stapp's thirst for rock and pop music, and they found that they had a lot in common. Stapp first began getting into U2, particularly the Joshua Tree album. U2 also came from a Christian background, and Stapp felt a kinship to them. Even though Stapp and Tremonti's friendship was put on hold because of a family move, they ended up reuniting in Florida a few years later, and in 1995, committed to starting a band. They added friends Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall to the lineup, and they provided the rhythm section. The four rehearsed favorite cover songs until they were flawless, and began gigging around town as the Naked Toddlers. Tremonti and Stapp began writing original material that mimmicked their favorite grunge band's sounds, and they soon had enough songs and money to produce a demo. With the help of local promoter Jeff Hanson and recording studio owner John Kurzweg, they produced a full-length CD entitled My Own Prison. Released under their new band name, Creed then formed Blue Collar Records. Hanson officially became the band's manager, and bombarded local radio stations into putting the independently-released CD into rotation. Soon, Creed had a moderate following, and their album had sold more than 5,000 copies. This caught the attention of several major labels, who came knocking on Creed's door. Creed opted for a small start-up label named Wind-Up Records, and then they re-released a remixed version of My Own Prison. A massive club tour followed the release, and Wind-Up promoted Creed immensely to radio stations. Three number one hits erupted off of their debut album, and the band won Rock Artist of the Year from Billboard in 1998. In 1999, Creed hit again with the release of Human Clay. Fans and critics were not disappointed, and the album launched hits "Higher" and "Arms Wide Open." Again, the album was followed by a tour, but this time the band was headlining at arenas. Not bad for a band that managed to catch a ride on the very end of the grunge wave.

Band Members:
Brian Marshall
Scott Phillips
Scott Stapp
Mark Tremonti


Release Date: 20, 2001
Label: BMG/Wind Up
Produced by

Human Clay
Release Date: September 28, 1999
Produced by

My Own Prison
Release Date: , 1997
Produced by

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