Robert Lamm

Born: October 13, 1944
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Born and partly raised in Brooklyn, Robert Lamm was interested in music as far back as he can remember. He learned to play the piano by ear, just by sitting at the piano and teaching himself scales. During his childhood, he spent many years in the Brooklyn Heights Choir, until he moved to Chicago. In Chicago, he began becoming interested in jazz musicians, and he started to join bands in high school. He attended Roosevelt University in Chicago, majoring in music theory and composition. In 1967, he helped form Chicago Transit Authority, a rock band that integrated a horn section into it's sound. The band enjoyed a three-decade career span, spinning off many top ten hits throughout. In the beginning, Chicago's sound was completely influenced by Lamm's jazzy writing style, with hits like "Saturday in the Park" and "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?". Eventually, in the early 80's, the band's sound softened as more and more of Cetera's songs appeared on the albums. Even though Chicago's popularity began to decine in the mid-90's, the band is still enjoying the nostalgia circuit of large clubs and small outdoor venues. Lamm has and still is consistently putting out solo efforts that are hailed by critics as both imaginative and original.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar Organ Piano Songwriter Synthesizer Vocals

Jazz Fusion Pop/Top40

Bands That Robert Lamm Has Played For:
Chicago Chicago Transit Authority Beckley, Lamm, Wilson

Robert Lamm Has Worked With:
Lee Loughnane Walter Parazaider Terry Kath James Pankow Danny Seraphine Peter Cetera Dawayne Bailey Carl Wilson

Robert Lamm Was Influenced By:
Beck Ray Charles Thelonious Monk

Artists That Were Influenced By Robert Lamm:
Roddy Lorimer
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