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Guns N' Roses


Heavy Metal

Guns N’ Roses was one of the last true eighties-style metal bands to come out of that era and enjoy popularity into the nineties. They managed to get their foot in the door of the metal heyday just before it ended, and they made a name for themselves before they were tossed off the throne by the grunge rockers of the 90’s.

Fronted by Axl Rose, Guns was known as a typically loud, rude metal band that would tear up a hotel room in a second’s notice. Slash was the lead guitarist, while Izzy Stradlin played rhythm, some lead, and did most of the songwriting. Duff McKagan was on bass, and Steven Adler rounded out the rhythm section. In 1986, Guns released their first EP, and they received much attention from record companies. They signed with Geffen, and released Appetite for Destruction. This was a very strong debut for them, even though the album didn’t sell well until almost a year later. By 1988, Guns ‘N Roses was one of the biggest names in rock and roll, and they lived the lifestyle to prove it. They released a follow-up album, Lies, which was basically their demo EP with a couple of new acoustic songs thrown in.

In 1990, the band collectively decided to fire drummer Adler because drug use was impairing his ability to play. Matt Sorum of the Cult replaced him, and they began recording Use Your Illusion I. They had so much material that they ended up recording a second album, as well, aptly titled Use Your Illussion II, because they had so much new material. These albums were much more polished than the original Appetite album, and they revealed a band that was improving with time and practice. However, it wouldn’t last long. 1992 brought the onslaught of a new generation of rockers, and soon Guns ‘N Roses fell by the wayside. Key songwriter Stradlin had left the band, leaving a temperamental Rose to fill his shoes. The Spaghetti Incident was a collection of punk rock songs, and the released it in 1993 in the wake of the punk-induced grunge scene. It didn’t sell well, and Guns ‘N Roses soon collapsed. Slash left to start Slash’s Snakepit, and Rose virtually dropped out of site.

For several years, fans endured constant rumors circulating about Rose restarting Guns ‘N Roses, but there was never any proof. No new albums, no appearances, until recently. On New Years’ Day, in the wee early hours of the morning, Axl Rose introduced Las Vegas to his newly-formed Guns ‘N Roses. While missing are the original members of Guns, they have been replaced by new, impressive members. The sound is much more techno-oriented, but the band is capable of playing the old stuff as if they had written it themselves. Recently, Axl and crew rocked the Rock In Rio Festival, which is now the world’s largest music festival. Guns is expected to have a new album surface this spring, and now that the world has had a taste of the new G’NR, it won’t be satisfied until it can have a full album to feed on.

Band Members:
Steven Adler
Gilby Clark
Brian "Brain" Mantia
Duff McKagan
Axl Rose
Matt Sorum
Izzy Stradlin


Use Your Illusion I
Release Date: , 1991
Label: Geffen
Produced by Mike Clink and Guns N' Roses

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