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Limp Bizkit hales from Jacksonville, Florida. Tired of the grunge scene that dominated the early and mid-90’s, Bizkit came onto the scene and blew the doors off the leftover Pearl Jams and Nirvanas that were still hanging on. Creating a marriage of hiphop and metal, Bizkit has made an incredible impact on rock music, and there have been one hundred Bizkit copies since then.

Limp Bizkit began when Fred Durst and cousin Sam Rivers formed a rap duo. Rivers knew John Otto, and together they found Wes Borland. It wasn’t until the band was signed that DJ Lethal came into the picture, and rounded out the quintet. Durst wanted to combine his favorite sounds, including rap and hiphop, punk rock and heavy metal. Unlike anything else at the time, Bizkit had a sound that didn’t appeal to everyone right away. During the daytime, Durst worked as a tattoo artist, and one day happened to tattoo a guy named Jonathon Davis from a band called Korn. The band was doing fairly well, and Durst slipped Davis a copy of a homemade demo tape. Davis was impressed, and vowed to help expose the underground band. And, with the help of MTV and lots of radio airplay, Limp Bizkit went on to take control of teenagers everywhere in the late 90’s and early millennium years. With hit albums like Three Dollar Bill Y’all$ and Significant Other, Bizkit is still in the middle of their hottest moment. A slew of rip-offs have surfaced since Bizkit played the Woodstock 1999 Festival, but none have reached the epic proportions of Limp Bizkit.

In most recent Limp Bizkit news, guitar player and key songwriter Wes Borland left the band in search of "less commercial" projects.

Band Members:
Wes Borland
Fred Durst
DJ Lethal
John Otto
Sam Rivers


Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water
Release Date: October 17, 2000
Label: Interscope
Produced by Terry Date

Significant Other
Release Date: June 22, 1999
Label: Interscope
Produced by Limp Bizkit

Three Dollar Bill Y'All
Release Date: July 1, 1997
Label: Interscope
Produced by Ross Robinson

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