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Hard Rock

Steppenwolf evolved out of the Toronto band, The Sparrow, which had been formed in 1964 as Jack London & The Sparrows. The latter comprised Jack London (vocals), Dennis Edmonton (guitar), C J Feeney (keyboards), Bruce Palmer (bass) and Jerry Edmonton (drums). Following a number one hit in Canada with "If You Don't Want My Love" in late 1964, Palmer was exchanged for Nick St Nicholas from the rival band, The Mynah Birds. Feeney left to be replaced by jazz musician Art Ayre at the same time. The group recorded three more singles and an album during 1965 before parting with Jack London. One additional single, "Hard Times With The Law" was recorded in late 1965 as The Sparrows before Ayre left to be replaced by former Mynah Birds keyboards player Goldie McJohn and John Kay joined as lead singer. The group then became The Sparrow and recorded two singles in New York for Columbia Records during 1966 before moving to Los Angeles. Dennis Edmonton subsequently changed his name to Mars Bonfire and left for a solo career while St Nicholas formed TIME. The remaining members brought in Michael Monarch and Ruston Moreve and became Steppenwolf. Bonfire wrote their big hit "Born To Be Wild".

Thanks, Nick. Once again you rule!

Nick's information came from John Einarson's book "Magic Carpet Ride: The Autobiography of John Kay and Steppenwolf"

Band Members:
Jerry Edmonton
John Kay
Goldy McJohn
Michael Monarch
Rushton Moreve

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